Grazing Occultation Events in North America

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January, February 2017 ***

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courtesy of BRAD TIMERSON


All Graze Predictions created using Dave Herald's OCCULT v.4 software.

I appreciate the help of Derek Breit and Kiwi Geoff Hitchcox in getting these pages published.


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*****   Important Announcement   *****

Only predictions for brighter stars will be provided as well as requested information.

Please allow 2 weeks notice for these files to be created and posted.

You should be getting all Graze Predictions for your area from IOTA as part of your membership.




For these events, additional details can be found using Occult4 or by emailing Brad Timerson directly for specific times and profiles. 

Be SURE to include expected observing site location (latitude and longitude) and elevation.



January 8, 2017           ZC 462        South limit           Times


January 9, 2017           ZC 608        South limit           Times


January 9, 2017           ZC 635        South limit           Times


January 10, 2017           ZC 814        North limit           Times



January 31, 2017           ZC 3526        South limit           Times


February 1, 2017           ZC 13        South limit           Times


February 2, 2017           ZC 249        North limit           Times


February 3, 2017           ZC 405        South limit           Times


February 5, 2017           ZC 692        North limit           Times


February 5, 2017           ZC 704        South limit           Times


February 6, 2017           ZC 741        North limit           Times


February 9, 2017           ZC 1207        North limit           Times


February 18, 2017           ZC 2223        South limit           Times




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